Another Halloween down the tubes

2008-11-03 18:26:57 by LordLothlorien

This Halloween was awesome! It is, by far, my favourite holiday, if you can technically call it a holiday, which you can't, but it should be. We should all get the day off.

And if we had to work that day, we'd get time and a half! BUAHAHAHAHA!

Anyway, the Happy Little Lemon blog has been updated with a posting of my Halloween exploits. I have one word to describe it: Polkaroo. Holy CHRIST, he came out of NOWHERE and started feasting on corpses of innocent children! What a night, I tells yah.

This seems as good a time as any to plug the Pathetic Phallusy merchandise! We've also got new t-shirts up sporting the Lobotomedia logo. Yes, the hideous head with the TV stuck in its peeled-back forehead. I suggest wearing it on a first date.

That is all.

Another Halloween down the tubes

Jesus CHRIST, it's Pathetic Phallusy T-SHIRTS! That's right, look your best (at least, as best as you can look with a picture of a man dressed as a penis on your chest) with a Pathetic Phallusy shirt from the Lobotomedia Store!

Each item depicts the character Ricky McLean from the animation Pathetic Phallusy: The Ricky Story. Wear them to school, the office, or to church! Great for every occasion! Or, grab a mug to take to work and amuse your coworkers with your smug sarcasm on-a-cup.

To reiterate... PATHETIC PHALLUSY T-SHIRTS! Buy them before CafePress decides they're inappropriate for sale.

Also, don't forget to check out the official Happy Little Lemon Blog for updates on upcoming Lobotomedia projects and other crap.

Pathetic Phallusy T-SHIRTS!

Treasure Hunt '08, Pathetic Phallusy Trailer

2008-10-25 00:01:10 by LordLothlorien

Sooooooooooooooo, TREASURE HUNT! Apparently Pathetic Phallusy made the short list of just under 1200 submissions to the hunt! The short list was about ... 180... but still. One out of 180 is pretty good, I'd say. We're listed under the cocks section. Yeah.

Anyway, moving on. As previously posted, the official Happy Little Lemon Productions Blog is up, where you can find updates on upcoming animations and other postings.

Right now we've got a trailer running on the blog for Pathetic Phallusy. Newgrounds Alphas has been unfortunately on the fritz lately, so the trailer was never put out. I decided to post it anyway. You can view it on the blog.

Happy Little Lemon Productions Blog

2008-10-22 21:00:07 by LordLothlorien

Happy Little Lemon Productions recently created a blog. There you will find updates on upcoming animations, products, Lobotomedia related news and other Great Evil Plans to Control the Universe.

Hurray for that. Also, Lobotomedia has finished and premiered its first animation, Pathetic Phallusy: The Ricky Story. Vote on it and there will be pie.

Our upcoming animation, The Noose, is going to be taking a more serious tone and will hopefully be completed by the upcoming American election.