Pathetic Phallusy T-SHIRTS!

2008-10-27 17:34:44 by LordLothlorien

Jesus CHRIST, it's Pathetic Phallusy T-SHIRTS! That's right, look your best (at least, as best as you can look with a picture of a man dressed as a penis on your chest) with a Pathetic Phallusy shirt from the Lobotomedia Store!

Each item depicts the character Ricky McLean from the animation Pathetic Phallusy: The Ricky Story. Wear them to school, the office, or to church! Great for every occasion! Or, grab a mug to take to work and amuse your coworkers with your smug sarcasm on-a-cup.

To reiterate... PATHETIC PHALLUSY T-SHIRTS! Buy them before CafePress decides they're inappropriate for sale.

Also, don't forget to check out the official Happy Little Lemon Blog for updates on upcoming Lobotomedia projects and other crap.

Pathetic Phallusy T-SHIRTS!


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