Entry #4

Another Halloween down the tubes

2008-11-03 18:26:57 by LordLothlorien

This Halloween was awesome! It is, by far, my favourite holiday, if you can technically call it a holiday, which you can't, but it should be. We should all get the day off.

And if we had to work that day, we'd get time and a half! BUAHAHAHAHA!

Anyway, the Happy Little Lemon blog has been updated with a posting of my Halloween exploits. I have one word to describe it: Polkaroo. Holy CHRIST, he came out of NOWHERE and started feasting on corpses of innocent children! What a night, I tells yah.

This seems as good a time as any to plug the Pathetic Phallusy merchandise! We've also got new t-shirts up sporting the Lobotomedia logo. Yes, the hideous head with the TV stuck in its peeled-back forehead. I suggest wearing it on a first date.

That is all.

Another Halloween down the tubes


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